David Cameron Leaves Downing Street

David Cameron Leaves Downing Street

Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Europe Events, World News

It is evident that these are very turbulent times for Britain, and the changes are continuing with the replacement of David Cameron with Theresa May in the role of the Prime Minister. Cameron’s “reign” is over, after his political views lost a referendum and Britain voted against staying in the European Union. With such a major setback, it was almost impossible that he should remain in the position, so the Conservative party took action and everything points to Theresa May as being the new PM. The famous Downing Street No 10 will have new inhabitants immediately after Cameron and his family leave, which should happen in just a few days.

The speed with which everything played out is astonishing, and this will certainly cause a couple of headaches for the new Prime Minister since she now has only 48 hours to establish a list of names that will be a part of her new cabinet. Under normal circumstances, this process would last a couple of months, and the talks and deals would be more detailed, but May and her team will have to find quick solutions. However, the members of her cabinet will have to be full of experience and expertise because the political situation in Britain at the moment is extremely volatile and careful maneuvers are in order. May has announced radical reforms and broad structural changes, but experts predict that her first move will be to “calm things down” and start re-building the country once the new situation becomes clear.

David Cameron is to chair his final cabinet meeting on Wednesday, and after that, he will take his letter of resignation and hand it to the Queen. The Queen will then, as her duties instruct, appoint the new cabinet leader, which will be Theresa May, a former Home Secretary and a leading member of the Conservative Party. May was serving in the position of Home Secretary since 2010 so she has a lot of knowledge and necessary experience with the relations and conditions inside the British political arena. Primary attributes that describe this 59-year old lady are “strength” and “competence”, and her leadership skills are evident from the fact that she managed to reach the head of the Party. Her “positive vision” for the future of Britain has gained her a lot of admirers, and her tough stance is similar to the nature of Margaret Thatcher. The comparisons with the “Iron Lady” are inevitable, and both ladies were driven with a high ambition to succeed in man’s world and against the odds.

Possible date for the first meeting of the new cabinet is 19th of July, and this also shows that May has been handed a tough task of completing a lot of work in a very short period. She also pointed out that the situation with Brexit remains unchanged, even though she wanted to stay in the EU. However, the will of the people will be respected, and the process of formal separation will begin shortly.

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